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  1. Spare parts kit for Formech 300XQ/450DT (120V kit)

    Price includes shipping within the USA

    This is an essential selection of core consumable parts to minimise down time within the first two years. Learn More
  2. Table mesh for Formech 300XQ/450DT

    425mm wide x 275mm deep / 16.7" wide x 10.8" deep Learn More
  3. Top frame silicone seal 12x4mm - 5m

    Suitable for Formech 300X, Compac Midi 343, 450, Compac Mini, 300XQ, 450DT, 508DT and 508FS machines. Learn More
  4. Small clamp fixing kit for Formech Desktop Machines


    Suitable for toggle clamp (SKU: MPP19) fitted to Formech Compac Mini, 300XQ, 450DT, 508DT, 450 and Compac Midi 343 machines

    Learn More
  5. Small clamp adjuster nut steel M5


    Upper adjuster nut suitable for small toggle clamp (SKU: MPP19)

    Learn More
  6. Conduit wires for Formech 300XQ/450DT

    Set of wires to make connection from the mains to the heating elements Learn More
  7. Manual vacuum and pressure valve

    Price includes shipping within the USA

    Suitable for Formech 300X, Compac Midi 343, 450, Compac Mini and 300XQ machines. Learn More
  8. Control PCB for Formech 300XQ (V1.0)

    Price includes shipping within the USA

    Main control PCB for Formech 300XQ only. Learn More
  9. Pump ON/OFF paddle switch

    Suitable for Formech Compac Mini, 300X, Compac Midi 343, 450 and 300XQ machines Learn More
  10. Panel mount fuse holder

    Suitable for Formech 300XQ, 450DT and 508DT machines. Learn More