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Vacuum Forming Machines

  1. Formech 450DT Vac Former

    Out of stock

    Price includes shipping within the USA

    The 450DT represents professional performance at an affordable price. It is easy to operate with a touch screen display to control it's four heating zones. This machine is suitable for forming sheets measuring 18" x 12". It does a great job with materials up to 0.25” thick. The maximum depth of draw of 7". Learn More
  2. NewForm 16:16 Vac Former

    Price includes shipping within the USA

    This vacuum forming machine is specifically designed for students, hobbyists and product designers. As a plug and play machine it is great for your first step into vacuum forming. This safe machine is a fully self contained unit at an exceptional price. It can accommodate a sheet size of 16” x 16” and a wide range of sheet materials up to 0.12” thick. The NewForm 16:16 is suitable for tools that are up to 6" deep. Learn More
  3. Formech 508DT Vac Former

    Price includes shipping within the USA

    If you need to form more demanding shapes and materials then this is the machine for you. Rapid and energy efficient quartz heaters means the 508DT is ready to vacuum form in less than 5 minutes. It has the capacity to form materials up to 0.25" thick with a depth of draw of 7.3". The standard material size is 20" x 18" and reducing windows are available. Learn More